choijinri-dsmp-deactivated20130 whispered Why thank you. -chuckles softly-

Any time~

choijinri-dsmp-deactivated20130 whispered It's a pleasure, Jihoon. -gently shakes your hand back- You are quite handsome I must say.

Mm… I know.-Smirks.- You’re not bad yourself~

choijinri-dsmp-deactivated20130 whispered Annyeong. My name is Choi Jinri, but please, call me Sulli. -extends a hand for a handshake-

Jinri? Sulli? Both a nice names ~ I’m name is Roh Jihoon, Jihoon is fine though.-Smiles and shakes your hand.-


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yuya-dsmp-deactivated20130318 whispered I'm not that horny yet. *laughs* But different first impressions leave lasting memories. Hopefully you will remember me.

-Laughs.- Your point it~? Mmm, maybe I will, maybe I won’t. Who knows~

Lose your mind
Hey. Name's Roh Jihoon. Lucky for you, I'mma switch. I can be your whore, slut, fantasy maker, or I can be your master, the one you obey. Let's say, you respect me, I respect you, got it?
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